Guaranteed choice of pitch option

Do you have a preference for a specific pitch or do you want to be close to your friends? You can choose the “Guaranteed choice of pitch” option when you make your booking, for a supplement of €35 per pitch (€25 from April to June and in September).

As soon as we receive your booking, we’ll send you a detailed map of the campsite, so that you can tell us your preference.
Contact us and let us guide you: we’ll give you the best advice, according to your needs and taking into account the availability of pitches.
Our campsite is vast, with no fewer than 434 pitches, so there’s something for everyone!

Unfortunately, we’re not magicians either, so we can’t tell you for sure whether every tree or hedge on the site has a sun hat or a shade coat, or when they’ll decide to wear them. It’s a meteorological mystery that even Sherlock Holmes would struggle to solve! 🕵️‍♂️🌳🌞

*A preference indicated at the time of booking without subscribing to the “Guaranteed choice of pitch” option cannot always be honoured and will not be grounds for cancellation or refund if the wish cannot be fulfilled.
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