Discover the joys of camping: a perfect getaway for English-Speaking families

Camping Les Biches offers an exceptional way to connect with nature, create lasting memories, and enjoy quality family time. Our campsite is designed to provide a welcoming environment, especially for English-speaking families, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

For those who love cycling, our campsite is ideally situated just 2.8 miles away from the beautiful beach of Saint-Hilaire de Riez, providing a perfect destination for a leisurely bike ride. We offer bike rental services, making it easy for you and your family to explore the scenic surroundings and enjoy the fresh air. The nearby cycling paths are safe and well-maintained, perfect for both casual rides and more adventurous excursions.

One of the standout features of our campsite is the availability of kettles in all premium accommodations. For those staying in other types of lodging, you can easily request a kettle to enhance your camping experience with the convenience of hot beverages at any time. Should you have UK plugs devices, we provide English plug adapters to ensure you can use your devices without hassle.

We offer two pedestrian areas designed specifically for families: the Family and Garden quarters. These zones provide a safe and tranquil environment where children can play freely, and parents can relax and enjoy the serene surroundings. The Family Neighborhood features spacious accommodationswith XXL terraces, close to the playground area, ensuring a fun and secure environment for kids. The Garden Neighborhood offers an intimate setting with private garden, outdoor bathtubs, and multiple terraces, providing a peaceful retreat for relaxation and family bonding.

To foster a sense of community among English-speaking guests, we strategically place families in the same zones of the campsite. This arrangement encourages interaction and the formation of friendships, making your stay even more memorable. Additionally, our friendly and multilingual staff are always on hand to assist and ensure that language barriers are minimized.

Our entertainment team goes the extra mile by translating key activities, such as bingo, into English. This thoughtful touch ensures that all guests can fully participate and enjoy the fun, regardless of their language proficiency.

Additionally, we offer a concierge service where we can reserve restaurants or activities on behalf of our guests, especially for those partners who may not fully master the English language. This ensures that our English-speaking vacationers can enjoy seamless experiences during their stay.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a chance to bond with family and new friends, Flower camping Les Biches offers a unique and fulfilling experience. Join us and discover why so many families choose our campsite for their perfect getaway.

L'avis de nos clients

Grace H.

Great place to stay with family. Helpful staff, great kids entertainment and playground. Lovely pool and shop on site. We gad a really fun stay here and would highly recommend this to any family. Its only 4hrs from caen and better weather than brittany.

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