Our evenings for the 2023 season

In summer, the campsite offers family evenings from Sunday evening to Friday evening, with a variety of fun activities for all ages: shows, concerts, karaoke, games and surprises!

Family evenings are a perfect opportunity to have fun with your family while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of the campsite. However, it is also important to keep the night quiet so that all campers can enjoy a well-deserved rest during their holiday.

Busy days and when midnight comes, peace and quiet are guaranteed for rested holidaymakers!

Where do the evenings take place?

The evenings take place mainly on the tennis court, where a stage has been set up to accommodate the artists. For more intimate shows, an entertainment room next to the bar is also used.

At what time do the evening activities end?

The evenings end between 11pm and 11.30pm, and after midnight the campsite asks all campers to respect the quiet so that families with children can rest. The campsite’s team of night guards ensures that silence is respected, so please follow their instructions for the well-being of all.

Until what time is the bar open?

The bar closes at midnight, so we ask all our campers who are used to staying up late to make their way back quietly to their accommodation or pitch from the bar.

Where can I find details of all the campsite parties?

You can view all our events by downloading our Flower Campings application.


Without ever making fun of his spectators, the Mentalist and Hypnotist Gregory Del Rio will make you lose your sense of reality by making you forget your first name or a number, will guess precise events of your past without ever having met you, a particularly spectacular Russian roulette experience will not leave you insensitive.
He will create a distortion between dream and reality to make you live a unique experience that you will never forget.

The audience is alternately bluffed, astonished, amused, annoyed, but always seduced by the performance of this outstanding artist where, in a true mixture of mentalism, suggestion and fascination, the artist’s only support is you.

Don’t miss this exceptional experience!

He will be present on the campsite :

  • July 27th
  • August 10th

Transformist show

The osmosis of Les Fabuleuses makes each show a close-to-audience entertainment where laughter and emotions for all audiences are on the agenda!
A steady rhythm with stars of yesterday and today, and colourful costumes, during a session presenting different tableaux composed of resemblances, tributes and visuals. All in an authentic and modern atmosphere. A transformist show that will set the room alight and make this moment an unforgettable memory. Les Fabuleuses: experience cabaret differently!

They will be present on the campsite :

  • July 11th
  • August 8th

Chloé Poum Poum

New in 2023, the campsite has brought together Phil and Seb to offer you a musical show with a humorous touch of our 2 storytellers.
They take us away in a fabulous story for children and all their families.

With a naive enthusiasm and the firm conviction to break with the Disney monopoly, they embark on the creation of their own musical.

A sound system musical, sung and beatboxed!

They will be present on August 16th

A kind of magic

Vitalis, our dream peddler, goes from village to village as our ancestors did.

He drags his wagon with a thousand and one stories behind him, from road to road in the morning mist until sunset, in search of his audience.
The acrobats were very popular in those days, in a colourful atmosphere they enlivened our villages with laughter and cheers.

A voice resounds in the heart of your festival: “Come, come, children, young and old! The show we are going to present to you is the most extraordinary of all the villages in France!

Then the sky fills with soap bubbles of all shapes, a sign that the show is about to begin. Children will marvel at the sight of such beautiful bubbles tickling the sky. The bubbles change with the wind, flying over your event.

It will be present on the campsite:

  • July 19th


For the 3rd year, we are delighted to welcome back the Cabaret Circus troupe. With a new show for this season, they will astonish and amaze you again. To be seen and seen again without moderation for the joy of young and old.

Acrobats, clowns, dressage and dance, all set to music and, above all with humour, so that children and parents alike will have an unforgettable family evening.

New in 2023: a circus course will be proposed on registration during the weeks when the show takes place (limited places)

They will be present on the campsite:

  • July 21st
  • August 11th


Live Concert 80’s and Sun Trio

Many people already know them, because this group makes our holidaymakers happy every year. This trio offers you a concert exclusively dedicated to the hits of the 80s. You will be able to dance and sing along with the international and French hits of this decade! Conviviality and good mood guaranteed.

They will be present on the campsite:

  • July 6th
  • August 3rd

This year they are also coming back with the Sun band ! A sunny concert at the rhythm of summer music for a crazy evening!

They will be present on the campsite :

  • July 20th
  • August 24th

Interactive Cabaret

A multi-faceted artist, singer and actress, with a national and international repertoire for all generations… A rich and varied universe… Cabaret, Retro, 60’s/70’s, Disco, Country, Pop Rock, Salsa, Contemporary music… Not to be missed under any circumstances.

She will be present on the campsite :

  • July 4th and 18th
  • August 1st and 17th

And even more…

We are preparing a colourful summer with activities for the whole family:

  • Face painting for children
  • Painting workshop
  • Cocktail workshop
  • Cycling activity
  • Culinary workshop
  • Sports tournaments
  • Karaoke every Sunday
  • Bingo every Monday
  • Zumba

And there is still to discover, we don’t tell you everything…